Push the 'reset' button for 30sec+ and still can not log into the unit via the USB debug port with the default username and password

If you have a unit with mPower (formerly AEP) firmware of 5.0.x or newer and you have pushed the 'reset' for 30secs+, to factory default the unit, by design, you will not be able to 

log into the unit via the "DEBUG" port. But instead you must do the following:

For the MTCDT conduit:

- Connect an ethernet cable from your laptop directly into the Conduit ethernet port and configure your laptop 

  with ip address: Make sure you have turned off the Wifi on your laptop.

- Accessing the Conduit at: and go through the 'Commissioning' mode to create an admin account. Then

  log into the Conduit with that account. Go through 'First Time Setup' wizard.

  Once done, click on 'Save and Reboot'.

For the MTCDTIP:

- Connect the ethernet cable from your Laptop/PC to the 'IN' port of the POE injector, and follow the above procedure to go through

  the 'Commissioning' mode and 'First time Setup' wizard.

Notes: You will not be able to ping the unit until it is Commissioned and Rebooted.

Using Curl for commissioning: