Problems: When using the MultiVOIP's Web-based GUI, a blue-screen problem and a login/logout problem have appeared.

Resolution: These problems have been resolved by using version 1.4.2 of the Java Runtime Environment software. This issue applies to MVP-130/210/410/810/2410/3010.

This was fixed in firmware version x.05. The x.05 firmware along with instructions can be downloaded from our ftp site. At this writing (10-20-04), JRE 1.4.2. is correct Java version. The ftp addresses at which firmware and instructions can be found differ for the different MultiVOIP models. At this writing, the ftp sites given below are correct. Note that specific addresses are subject to change. In case of such changes, contact Customer Service.

MVP130 firmware&instructions

MVP210 / 410 / 810 firmware&instructions

MVP2410 / 3010 firmware&instructions