My RasFinder MTASR3-200 needs to be re-set but I have lost the password. I have the the Ras box and the command cable, How do I reset the Web password so I can configure it over our Intranet?

There is no way to recover the password, you will have to reset everything back to factory default. See below

Procedure for Recovering RASFinder, Proxy Server, MTASR3, and MTASR1-100 routers.

Download default setup or wizard setup:

1) Connect the PC com port to the command port of the router.

2) Start a HyperTerminal Session and set terminal parameters to 19200, 8, N, 1, and NO Flow-Control (for RF300E and MTPSR3-100, you need to set the baudrate to 57600).

3) Turn OFF and ON the Router/ProxyServer/RASFinder and you will see some messages show up on your terminal screen, if you do not see the messages, then your hyperterminal is not setup properly to communicate with the command port of the router, check your cable, PC and Hyperterm settings

4) Once you see the message and it askes to "Press D to Download..", press the letter D as soon as you see the message. Now the Router/ProxyServer/RASFinder will be in the ready mode for download setup and download firmware.

5) Go to the "CALL" tab on HyperTerminal and select "Disconnect" or close and exit hyperterm completely. This will allow Router/Proxyserver/RASFinder windows programs to use the COMM Port

6) Select the "Wizard Setup" or "Download default setup" icon within the Router/ProxyServer/RASFinder group, The program will prompt with some setup parameters and then it will download the setup.

7) At this point your boot / fail light is still on, this is normal, continue to the the download firmware update below.

Download firmware update:
1) Repeat step 1 to 5 above.

2) Select the "Download Firmware" option within the Router/ProxyServer/RASFinder group.

3) Select the 'RASFM31x.BIN' or 'Proxy2xx.BIN' or 'MTASRxxx.BIN' file that shows up in the list of available programs.

4) Downloading the firmware will take some time, please be patient. After the firmware download is complete, the Boot/Fail LED should go off if everything is upgraded properly.

If the fail light is still on - repeat the above procedure again.