More on installing purchased certificates on FaxFinder

Following is a link to the resolution in our knowledge base that describes how you can add a certificate you purchased to the FaxFinder:

Current firmware actually allows you to upload a CA signed certificate directly from the "System Configuration -> Certificates" page of web configuration.  We are providing the above resolution primarily because step 1 details the sections the certificate must contain in order to work with the FaxFinder.

DigiCert has instructions on how to generate the CSR file for Lighttpd (the web server running on the FaxFinder). Please try the following link to generate the CSR and then order your certificate. Then, make sure the server_cert.pem file has the appropriate sections indicated in the above resolution within it.

One of our Engineers commented:
From what I read most cert generating sites require a .csr.  The FaxFinder does not have a nice way to get a .csr file.  They will need to use the debug console or ssh to the unit to generate it then scp it to their computer.

Here is how to create a .csr:

The biggest thing when uploading a cert is the format.  It has to be .pem and follow the format in the resolution and not have encryption.