Log File list:

Log Files
a) logged by syslog

/var/log/auth : anything having to do with authentication (ssh, Pluto (IKEdaemon), su)

/var/log/syslog : own log of the syslog daemon

/var/log/daemon : all daemons (daemon-watcher, selfmonitor, named, nacctd, ipsec_setup, socks, astaro user authentication)

/var/log/cron : logs from cron daemon

/var/log/kernel : anything from kernel and netfilter

/var/log/mail : all email related logs

/var/log/all-rest : anything not handled by the above

b) daemon based logs (daemon writes directly to a logfile)

/var/log/nacctd.debug : debug messages from accounting daemon

/var/log/http.access_log : WebAdmin access logging

/var/log/http.error_log : WebAdmin error logging

/var/log/mdwlog : MiddleWare Logging

/var/log/avpscan.rpt : archived virus scan reports

c) logs in chroot environments

/var/chroot-smtp/var/spool/qmailscan/qmail-queue.log : virus scan logs

/var/chroot-smtp/var/spool/qmailscan/quarantine.log : virus infected file in quarantine

/var/chroot-squid/var/squid/logs/access.log : HTTP Proxy access logs

/var/chroot-squid/var/squid/logs/rewrite.log : Anti banner rewrite logs