Is there a setting I can change where all pages viewed show up on the HTTP Access page or a way I can display a date and time on the HTTP Proxy Access page?


If I go to Statistics&Logs - HTTP Access - HTTP Access Reports - select date - select person, information comes up about where they browsed. If I go to Statistics&Logs - View Logs - enter a date - select HTTP Proxy access - continue - choose a time - choose an action - Go, then many more sites appear. I realize this includes all of the popups and banners - but it also includes the porn sites and games that didn't show up on the HTTP Access page.


If you have the URL content filter enabled, you can look at the Reject report, this report shows sites that users are trying to access but is being blocked by the URL content filter.

HTTP access report does NOT have any options to customize or query using an IP address or date / time.

HTTP access reports are derived from the file that is in the view logs option.