Is there a method to store the configuration setup, on our computers, so that we can use an existing configuration file as the basis for a new box?

Yes, you can save a user default profile by checking the box "Save current setup as user default configuration" on the save and reboot screen. Then when you are connected to another unit you want the same settings in, run the "download user defaults" option from the VOIP program group. The phonebooks are saved / loaded seperately in the files InPhBk.tmr and OutPhBk.tmr which can be FTP'd to the VOIP.

Note: Each time a different voip configuration is read via the same computer, it will over write the current files from the previous voip's configuration. In this case, you should backup the following files into a directory out side the working directory.

InPhBk.trm, OutPhBk.trm and default.cnf