Is the @ (wait for silence command) supported by your modem?


We are testing your modem for use with several of our software setups. One of our programs uses the @ command as a wait for silence. With a ZDX it doesn't work. Below is a detailed description of what we are doing.

Current Init string -&F&D2S7=0S0=0%C0

Dial suffix - ,@8989

We are connecting to a security system. After we connect, the panel says 'Enter your code' then we are supposed to enter the 8989. On other modems, the @ signal is sufficient for the modem to wait for the silence after the panels 'Enter your code'. Your modem waits for the number to be dialed, then after the delay (2 sec for the single comma) it sends the 8989. This occurs before the call is answered.

Is the @ (wait for silence command) supported by your modem?

Can I add something to the init string to set the time no noise on the line indicates silence?


The Command: @ Quiet Answer (wait for silence) must be used in conjunction with the X4 command. Include X4 in the init string.

The @ will wait about 5 seconds of silence and is not adjustable.