Instructions to cat the config file to determine IP address.

The pin-out of the FF420 command cable is as follows:

DB-9F RJ-45

2 ---------- 5
3 ---------- 4
5 ---------- 8
8 ---------- 3

Connect the RJ-45 end of the cable to the FF420 Command port and connect the DB-9 end to a serial port on your computer.

Bring up Hyperterminal (or similar terminal software) and create a session connecting directly to the Com port you have the cable connected to.

This session should be set for 115200, 8-N-1, Hardware Flow Control.

Power on the FF420 and you should see boot information.

Once it is finished booting, type pwd<Enter>from the prompt to see what directory your currently in (which should be the root, or /).

Next, type cd /var/config<Enter>to change to directories.

Type pwd<Enter>again to verify you are now in the var/config directory.

Type ls<Enter>to show a list of files in this directory and verify you see a file named cfgtxtfile.

Type cat cfgtxtfile<Enter>to view the contents of the configuration file.

This file is kind of difficult to read, but you should see a line similar to the following near the middle of this file:

"cmd="ipconfig" iptype=1 ip="" subnet="" ....."

This line will reflect the current IP address, mask, gateway, etc. currently configured on the FF420.

If this shows the unit is at the default IP, possibly try connecting to it with a crossover cable from a different computer. Thank you.