Instructions for configuring ISDN Terminal Adapter that ships with MMH90XCa muxes.

1. Enter composite link access mode, #CLA1 or "Configure TA", with terminal emulation VT100.
2. Enter AT!V command. It is recommended to have the ISDN line unplugged at this point.
3. The ISDN menu should be displayed.
4. Select "Quick Setup"
5. Select the option that corresponds to what the customer is trying to do. Usually "128k dial up" or "64k dial up".
6. Set the switch type. The customer needs to find this out from their ISDN provider. Most common is probably National ISDN1.
7. Program the SPID and LDN numbers. The customer needs to find this out from their ISDN provider.
8. On the dialing side type control - D to access the dial menu.
9. Select store/review numbers and store the LDN numbers for the remote side in location 1 and 2 of the number memory. This only needs to be done on the dialing side.
10. Type control - C to get back to the main ISDN menu.
11. Under the DTR option select "dial when DTR present" on the dialing side only. The answering side can remain set for ignore DTR.
12. Type control - x to exit the ISDN menus. You can now exit composite link access mode.
13. Plug in the ISDN line. The ISDN module will always try to establish a connection if DTR is present.

Warning - do not set "Dial options" to disabled or else the menus will no longer work and the user will not be able to configure the TA and will have to replace it. This is a bug in ISDN firmware versions E.01 and lower. You can check the version by typing ATI1 before you type AT!V. "Dial options" should always remain set to "AT commands".