Installation in NT 4

The new install utility available on the Website and the FTP site will work with the vast majority of systems.

Tips for installing the 5634ZPX-PCI in NT 4.0:

- In the BIOS, ensure that Plug-and-Play OS is disabled

- In the BIOS, check if there is an option to assign an IRQ for VGA: enable

- Try installing the ZPX-PCI when it is the only PCI device and is in the first slot (remove all others, then add after successful install of modem)

- In the BIOS, check if there is an option to assign IRQs to Legacy/ISA or PCI/ISA/PnP and set all but the one you want to install on to Legacy/ISA (this assumes no other PCI devices)

- Use other software to detect PCI settings (try here:, create port to match and install

- Make sure that the BIOS is the latest version

- Update to the most recent Service Pack, SP6a or newer

- When installing the modem, make sure that RAS services are stopped (In Control Panel/Services) or removed

- To check for resource conflicts, go to: Start/Programs/Administrative Tools/Windows NT Diagnostics (Resource tab/buttons below)

- Delete the highest numbered, system installed COM port (usually COM2), reboot and run the install program - it may find the modem on the previously deleted COM port (Note: if this is not the first attempt of install, run Regedit and search for 5634 and clear out all instances of the ZPX-PCI that the system allows)

- Add the command /PCILOCK to the primary NT launch option in BOOT.INI {ex: [operating systems] multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT="Windows NT Server Version 4.00" /PCILOCK}

- Try disabling APIC (Intel proprietary - advanced programmable interrupt controller) in the BIOS

- If the motherboard has on-board video, you may have to try moving the modem to different slots until they no longer share an IRQ

NOTE: Currently we are unable to get the ZPX-PCI to work in NT 4 when the BIOS does not allow you to disable Plug-and-Play operation (some older Compaq computer have this issue). Also we can only install one modem.