Install issues on Windows embedded OS's with MT9234 product line

Sometimes install issues arise when trying to install particular MT9234 products in Windows Embedded OS's, for example XP embedded.

We do not install or test our MT9234 products on embedded platforms, we only install and test them in Desktop Platforms. This does not mean that they will not work in embedded platforms, just that a little more work may need to be done to get them to install and work.

Some tips:

-- Find out information on the following:
Microsoft CSA Managed Service Provider (MSP), csamsp.dll is a 32-bit Dynamic Linked Library of code components which does not directly have a GUI.

-- Copy specified files from a PC with Windows installed. These could vary based on MT9234 product.
* MT9234ZPX product line:

* MT9234ZBA-USB or MT9234MU product line:

-- For MT9234ZPX product, make sure component "Device: Multifunction" is added to your image prior to compiling it. This can be done in Target Designer prior to building the image.

-- If requiring further trouble shooting information, create a Portal Request at .