If I try to access the VoIP through the serial port, it just comes back with an error 'error reading password'. If I put in the password that was allocated to the box it says invalid user name.

The "Error Reading Password" message is often indicative of a communication error between the configuration software and the MultiVOIP.

One cause may be that the software is configured to access the MultiVOIP on the wrong Com Port. Go to Start ->Programs ->MultiVOIP 6.07 ->Configuration Port Setup. Verify the Com Port shown on the Select Port line at the top of this window matches the Com Port you have the MVP410 configuration cable connected to.

Having the MultiVOIP configuration cable connected to a USB-to-Serial converter on a computer that doesn't have a native 9-pin serial port is another thing that may cause this problem. Our configuration software will work with some USB-to-serial converters, but not all. Newer firmware has better support for USB-to-Serial adapters and I recommend upgrading, if you expect to be using USB-to-Serial converters on a regular basis.

The latest firmware along with instructions can be downloaded from our Web site at: