I'm having problems making calls from a MultiVOIP to another brand of VOIP ( Quintum A800 model).


Both are using H.323 and the outbound phone book is configured to route calls to the Quintum A800 unit. We were able to make a call from the MVP410 successfully but when I pick up the phone unit on the Quintum side, it drops the call.....each time we pick up the phone it drops the call and gives a busy tone. Were suspecting a codec incompatibility since MVP410 is using G.729 and quintum is using a G.729AB codec.


For the Manual coder we are not advertising all the flavors of G.729.

For a workaround configure the MultiVOIP to use Automatic Coder and set the Max Bandwidth to 128 kbps, so the voip will negotiate a wide range of voice coders. Make sure Forward Error Correction is disabled. Forward Error Correction is configured under Advanced settings on the Voice/Fax page of voip configuration.