I want to replace our single RS-232 Multitech GPRS modem with a bank of Multitech GPRS Ethernet modems (x10) to speed up downloading MMS capacity. We want to control 10+ modems from one Linux PC. Will your Ethernet GPRS models allow us to do that?

- How would we hook them up, via a Switch or Router?
All the ethernet modems and the linux PC must be connected using an ethernet hub or switch.

- Would our PC see all 10 through the Switch as having their own ID's, so that our PC can selectively control each one separately or simultaneously?
Each ethernet modem will be assigned a unique IP address on the LAN. The Linux PC will need to use the unique IP address of each modem in order to access individual modems.

- Any special drivers required for Linux Red Hat CentOS 5?
Everything is done via the IP protocol, there is no driver needed in the Linux PC.

- Given USB or Ethernet GPRS models, how do we "control" each modem, via AT Commands? How do we identify which Modem is on what port, etc?
The Linux PC will need to make a TCP connection using port 5000 in order to communicate and issue AT commands to the modem. The Linux PC will need to make 10 TCP connections to 10 different IP addresses in order to communicate with all 10 ethernet modems.