I tried to change the MAC address using setaddress software, but when we run the software and type setaddr 1 (we have connected the VoIP to com1 of the PC) we get the response 'device not found'. How to change the MAC address of this VoIP?

SetAddress only works on the older-style VOIPS, (i.e. MVP200, 400, 800). Following is the procedure for reprogramming the MAC address on the new-style VOIPS.

Reprogram MAC Address on MVP210/410/810/2400/2410/3010
(These instructions reference software version 6.03/4.03 or newer.

This procedure must be performed using the MultiVOIP Configuration software via a serial connection.

1. Use Windows Explorer to browse to the MultiVOIP 6.03/4.03 software program group

2. Right-click Configuration and choose Properties to bring up the Configuration Properties dialog box.

3. The Target box on the Shortcut tab of this window will contain the command line (by default) "C:\Program Files\Multi-Tech Systems\MultiVOIP 6.03\digivoip.exe". Edit this line to read "C:\Program Files\Multi-Tech Systems\MultiVOIP 6.03\digivoip.exe" 8 (add one space and the number 8 to the end of the command)

4. Click Apply and then OK to close this window.

5. Run Configuration from the 6.03 program group and you will receive the following message, "MultiVOIP is up. Reboot to set mac address". Click OK to bring up the Mac Address Configuration window.

6. Enter the Mac address, exactly as it appears on the Node ID sticker affixed to the underside (MVP210) or back plane (MVP410/810/2410/3010), in the Mac Address box and click OK

7. You will receive a message telling you, "MAC Address has been successfully changed". Click OK

8. Power-cycle the voip.

9. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to bring up the Configuration Properties dialog box. Remove the number 8 you added to the end of the command in the Target box in step 3.

10. Click OK and Apply to return the software to normal operation (failure to perform step 9 will result in you being prompted to program the Mac address each time you attempt to open Configuration.