I need to provide VPN access to our LAN to two remote users via internet dialup on their laptops (dynamic IP). I also need these users to be able to access the LAN when on-site. I have a problem with an RF550VPN and mapping network drives.


I've configured the router and SSH Sentinal client on the laptops as specified in the RF550VPN Reference Guide - Setup Examples and can dial the Internet on the laptop and make a VPN connection.

I can ping all of the addresses on the internal network.

This is where the problems start, even though I can ping the internal addresses, I can't do the following:

1) Access the internal POP3 server. I can ping it, put I get a POP Server Access Denied: Port 110 when I try and receive mail using outlook express.

2) Mapping of network drives. I can't map a network drive, I get a 'No logon servers are available to handle your request' message.


Check the following:

1) The remote client must have file and print sharing enabled.

2) Make sure the file server and mail server allow access from outside IP addresses.

3) Make sure the file server and mail server have the default gateway point to the LAN port of the RF550VPN.

4) Make sure netbios over TCP/IP is enabled.

5) Make sure there is NO firewall software installed on the remote client PC that is running the Sentinel client.

6) Make sure there are NO LAN or WAN filters setup on the RF550VPN.