I need the basic setup documentation for connecting the RF550VPN to the Internet through a DSL modem.


I tried assigning static IP addresses on the two interfaces that the DSL modem and Routefinder communicate on, I tried auto DHCP, I tried turning off NAT on the DSL to bridge through the outside IP to the RouteFinder. I don't know if my Qwest ISP has to give me a static IP for this scenario or if I can keep the automatic IP ( which is less expensive ).


In the RF550VPN configuration, if you go through the Wizard setup, it will go through all the steps required to configure the RF550VPN to work with an external DSL modem. In order for the RF550VPN to be useful, your DSL modem MUST be in bridge mode. If your DSL modem is running in NAT mode, there is no need for the RF550VPN because the DSL modem NAT function is almost the same as the RF550VPN. If you want the RF550VPN to work with your NAT DSL modem, then you are doing NAT over another NAT and this is not recommended. If your DSL modem is running in bridge mode, then your ISP can assign an IP address in three ways:

1) PPPoE


3) Static

In the RF550VPN setup, you can configure the Wan port to use one of the three methods.