I need specific model comparison along with features I would get extra on AV models compared to Non AV models.

The -AV builds are connected to and Managed by the Avaya Communication Manager as a specific Avaya Communication Manager device with enhanced features and functions supported, Whereas the standard gateways would be handled by Avaya communicatiosn Manager as standard H.323 devices with basic VOIP functionality.

The main differences between the -AV builds and the Standard builds are:

The -AV builds:

- Connect and register directly with Avaya Communication Manager
- Have built in Gatekeeper functionality which provides local survivability for Avaya PBX's
- Supports Failover functions for Avaya Communication Manager
- Supports all of the avdanced Avaya Communication Manager features like message waiting and caller ID etc.
- Includes a global modem for remote access/support
- Supports and logs Avaya Communications Manager Syslog specific events:
Registration and Unregistration
Resource unavailable
Addition of "call party number" to existing call connection information
When gateway enters survivable mode and returns to normal subtend mode

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