I have set up an IPsec tunnel to one client and another to a company. I want them to be able to talk to each other through my RF660. I have had the connection up more than once, but after a while errors start to occur, and the tunnel goes down.


The reason I need to be in the middle is that the client has equipment that isn't capable of NATing through a tunnel and the company requires that the traffic through the tunnel to them be NATed based on an address specified by them.

What do these errors mean?

... ignoring Vendor ID payload [Cisco-Unity]
... received Vendor ID payload [Dead Peer Detection]
... ignoring Vendor ID payload [81e7d30c3b5fb04c...]
... ignoring Vendor ID payload [XAUTH]


The IPSec bridging feature in our latest version 3.10 software does not work with other vendors and we have never tested with other vendors. This feature only works among Multi-Tech RF6xx and RF7xx products that are running version 3.10 software. Since you are using the IPSec bridging feature with another vendor's VPN gateway, this setup most likely will not work since we do not know anything about how the other VPN vendors handle this particular function.