I have enabled http proxy and am content filtering the URLs that are being accessed. Recently my users have been experiencing some problems and receive an ERROR page like this: ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved.


While trying to retrieve the URL: http.......................... The following error was encountered:
* Socket Failure The system returned (24) Too may open files Squid is unable to create a TCP socket, presumably due to excessive load. Please retry your request. Your cache administrator is ....@.........com
I also noticed that while we were experiencing this problem, many of the graphics on the different pages were not being displayed, they just had an "x" in them. I stopped and restarted the http proxy and everything was okay again. What can be done to prevent this?


This problem will happen when the HTTP cache becomes corrupted. To fix this you must disable and enable HTTP proxy or clean out all the proxy cache. For a workaround, a script can be setup to clean out and restart the HTTP proxy on a weekly basis automatically.