I have an RF550VPN at my office (static IP) and one at home (dynamic IP). I have a problem using multiple profiles on the VPN side at my office, when I enable both profiles only one or the other configuration will work, but not both simultaneously.


My configuration of VPN's I have set up are as follows:

Lan-to-Lan Static/Dynamic configuration, a laptop connection to my offices using SSH Sentinel software using dynamic addressing. Is it possible to have this type of profiles both active?


Both your VPN connections should be setup to have the SAME preshare key. This is a must when you are setup VPN using dynamic IP address.

Here is another option which we strongly recommend:

1) Upgrade both of your RF550VPN to the latest V4.64 firmware.

2) Setup your home RF550VPN so it uses Dynamic DNS service.

3) Setup your office VPN connection to your home using a dynamic DNS name.

You can sign up for a dynamic DNS account through http://dyn.com/dns/

When using Dynamic DNS, your LAN-to-LAN VPN connection will become static-to-static

Firmware version V4.64 can be downloaded from our site at: