I have an MA100 but I don't know or have forgotten the administrator's login credentials, password.

The administrator credentials are kept in the unit's main configuration file called "cfgtxtfile", found in the /var/config/ directory of the MA100. The admin credentials are the "userid" and "password" values for "index 0" in the "phonebook" section (near the top of the file).

The MT-Device Manager (software installed in a Windows workstation) is used to manage various Multi-Tech products, including the MA100. The primary management functions are updating a device's firmware and backing up it's configuration (save a copy of the cfgtxtfile). The MT-Device Manager, before it can perform these management functions, has to be configured with the device's (MA100's) administrator credentials. The MT-Device Manager keeps this information in it's "options" file, which is kept in the \Documents and Settings\...Windows...account...\Application Data\Multi-Tech Device Manager\ folder.

Perhaps the MT-Device Manager software was previously installed on one of your workstations and properly configured, if so check the options file and or search for the cfgtxtfile (optionally named cfgtxtfile-month-day-year-timestamp) in the sub folders of the Application Data directory or other locations you may use for backing up files.

If the MT-Device Manager was not installed and you do not have a copy of the MA100's cfgtxtfile, then contact Multi-Tech Technical Support. If tech support can connect to the MA100 via Telnet, we will be able to login with proprietary credentials and view the contents of the cfgtxtfile for you and or restore the unit to factory defaults.

If you do not know the IP address of the MA100, please refer to resolution 4142 or go to the MA100 general product readme found on the MultiAccess ACS Firmware product support page.

If you can not provide our technical support department Telnet access to the unit, the unit would have to be sent in for repair to have it's flash part replaced.