I have a Merlin Legend networking to a Merlin Magix and both have T1 cards in them. Can you provide T1 to Ethernet?


I want to bring the T1 out of system one, send it into there ethernet network switches, out of the switch to a media converter and down 4000' of SM fiber to another media converter, into the switch and then into the phone system again as a T1. The switch does not do VLANS.


Our MVP2410 has a voice T1 interface on the phone side and an Ethernet 10/100 port on the data side. As long as this is a "channelized" or "voice T1" and not a "clear channel" or "data T1" it will work. The VOIP has an IP address, subnet mask and default gateway entry. It is a node on a TCP/IP network that plugs into an Ethernet switch. You may still need routers to get packets to different subnets etc... The phone book entries on the MultiVOIP product match phone numbers to IP addresses and assign phone numbers to VOIP channels.