I have a CC4M-8 and having trouble getting the dialout function to work. No matter what username I use, it tells me 'Invalid Password'. This occurs for the supervisor account, for a user I created on the CC4M-8 and for users validated through RADIUS.


I have been trying the dialout function via Telnet. I can login to "Configure Server" with the supervisor account and password. The RADIUS log appears to be validating the user request. Can you provide any help in getting the dialout to work?


For dialout users to work, your Radius server must be configured with the attribute "Service-Type = Outbound-User" .

Here is an example of a Radius user file that can dialout:

- Dialout Password = "china"
- Service-Type = Framed-User,
- Framed-Protocol = PPP,
- Framed-IP-Address =,
- Framed-Routing = None,
- Framed-MTU = 1534,
- Framed-Compression = Van-Jacobson-TCP-IP