I can't get WinMsci to work with my RASFinder and have been having problems with the connection not being made. The line comes back as busy and the RASFinder never dials out.


This is using windows 2000 and I am able to load and install the modem as an unknown modem. Do you have any recommendation on what I need to setup?


Please check the following:

1) Make sure you configure a username and password for MCSI in the RASFinder

2) Make sure WinMCSI at the workstations are able to login with the username and password that is defined in the RASfinder.

3) Check and make sure your RASFinder is running 3.18 or newer software / firmware. This can be downloaded from our web site at:


4) If WinMCSI is able to create and map a virtual com port, then use hyperterm software and see if it can communicate with virtual com port and the modem on the RASFinder.