I can't connect to the MultiVOIP to configure it? The boot light is always on.

1) Turn off the MultiVOIP unit's power.

2) Connections. Connect a "command" cable between the MultiVOIP and the command computer. The RJ45 connector goes to the MultiVOIP unit's "Command" port. The other end (a DB25 or DB9) connects the serial port of your Windows computer.

3) Bring up your terminal software (i.e. HyperTerminal for Windows ).

4) Set the terminal program to COM Port (Com 1, 2 or your port #).

5) Set the terminal COM Port settings for '19200, 8, 1, N and hardware flow control.'
Note: mvp110/120/200/200a/400/800 uses 19,200.
mvp130/210/410/810/2400/2410/3010 uses 115,200.

6) Power up the MultiVOIP. It should display info while it boots up.

7) When the message "Type 'D' to download (setup or code) appears, press 'D' on your keyboard immediately.

8) The next message should be 'Awaiting Download.' When this message appears, exit the HyperTerminal program. (If this message did not appear, turn the MultiVOIP's power off and then on again. Then repeat step 7.)

9) In the Windows Start menu, go to the MultiVOIP software (x.xxx) command list and select Configuration Port Setup. Make sure that this is set to COM Port and that the correct COM Port number appears in the Select Port box. Click OK to close this window.

10) In the Windows Start menu, go to the MultiVOIP software (x.xxx) command list and select the Upgrade Software command. (Do not make changes to the default IP or channel settings during the process. Just click OK as needed to complete the Upgrade Software process.)

11) After the software upgrading process is complete (the MultiVOIP's "Boot" light will be off), open MultiVoip Configuration software to set up the MultiVOIP.

If this procedure doesn't work, try to manually reload the firmware - use the following sequence :

H323:- Oem, Coders, H323 Stack, Factory defaults and Firmware.

Proprietary:- Coders, Factory Defaults and Firmware.