I can dial into the RASFinder and connect; however, I can't access the network, what am I missing?


My goal Is to provide dial-in to our local file server which is running on a local domain on a Windows2000 server. I assigned a static IP on the RASFinder on the same segment and used the 10BT wire to plug into a hub on the network.


The RASfinder only provides the remote user a TCP/IP connection to the local area network. After the modem connection, it is up to the client and server to establish the communication. After the remote client is connected to the RASFinder, make sure it can ping all the devices on the local area network. In order to access windows domain and shared files, you need to setup windows LMHOSTS or WINS. You should consult Microsoft's help site for more information regarding these topics. After the remote client connects to the RASFinder, you can try to connect to the shared folders on the server by typing in