I am using two MultiVOIPs to provide telephone access to a remote site, but I have a problem with incoming calls. When an outside call arrives to the main site, the phone at the remote site doesn't begin to ring until after 8 rings on the main site.

FXO ring count specifies the number of rings the VOIP waits before it answers any call coming in to that FXO channel. If you have this set to 8, "the factory default is 2" and place an external call into the FXO channel, you will hear 8 rings before the VOIP even acknowledges the incoming call and auto calls the remote FXS channel.

FXS ring count specifies the number of rings a VOIP will send to the device connected to the FXS channel before returning a busy signal to the remote voip that is trying to call it.

Change the FXO ring count to 1 on the VOIP channels that are configured for FXO only. You can leave the FXS ring count on the remote FXS channels set to 8.