I am using the MTXCSEM for an Ethernet to serial application and I am having some trouble with the set serial s0 buffer-datasize and set serial s0 buffer-time commands.


The manual states that whichever setting is met first, a packet will be sent. I have the buffer-datasize set to 1000 bytes and buffer-time set to 2 seconds. For some reason, the device is segmenting the response from the serial device (361 bytes) into 2 or more network packets. It appears that neither of these settings are working properly; if they were, wouldn't I have the entire message in one packet?


Your manual is wrong, the buffer-time value is in increments of 1/10 of a second. For 2 seconds, you need to set the value to 20.

Currently our buffer-datasize has a limit of 255 bytes.