I am using an RF550VPN that needs a constant Internet connection, occasionally we lose the Internet connection and cannot establish a back-up dial-up connection until we disconnect the DSL modem or power it off.


If I constantly ping and we do not have a Internet connect would there be any commands I could send to the RF550VPN to disconnect the WAN connection and establish a dial up connection?


You must invoke a "Enable Keep-Alive Ping" under Advanced Settings->Administration Settings and enter an address of a Host that is guaranteed to provide a response. I would set the time between the pings to around 30 seconds.

Then, what should happen when the WAN goes down is this:

1 The ping will fail.
2 This failure will trigger the dialing sequence to the serially connected modem.
3 The ping will then continue and switch back when the WAN appears active again.

Key part of this process is the valid state of the host you are pinging -- IT MUST REPLY.