I am trying to find out if you have a Multi-Tech fax switch that would work on a 3Com NBX system?

We have a solution that has been tested back to NBX version 4_1_77.

Routing incoming faxes to specific user's email addresses would actually require using our CF220-DID product, which is a DID-to-Analog adapter, in addition to one of our FaxFinders.

Assume you wanted to allow 2 ports/modems for inbound faxes and 2 ports/modems for outbound faxing:

You would need one CF220-DID and one FF420 FaxFinder.

The CF220-DID has two DID ports that you would connect to CO Ports on the NBX. It also has two analog FXS/FXO ports, each of which would connect to a separate modem/port on the FF420. These two ports would be used for inbound faxing and this arrangement is necessary in order for the NBX to forward us the DTMF digits necessary to route the faxes to users' email addresses.

The remaining two FF420 ports can be connected to analog station ports on the NBX to be used for outbound faxing.

General information on the CF220-DID can be found on our web site at http://www.multitech.com/en_US/PRODUCTS/Families/CallFinderDID/.

General information on our FaxFinder product family is available at http://www.multitech.com/en_US/PRODUCTS/Families/FaxFinder/.