How to transfer the file REL2540.HXC into the Commplete2400, and how to upgrade.

The file rel254.hxc is for the MR9600 controller. You must ftp this file to the MR9600 controller and there must be sufficient free space on the b:\# drive of the MR9600 controller.

1) Power off chassis.

2) Power on chassis (this sequence will free up drive space on MR9600 controller becase the b:\# drive is a RAM drive).

3) After the system boots up, open an FTP connection to the IP Address of MR9600 controller (Not IP Address of RASExpress, RAS card)

4) Login as supervisor, switch to b: drive (CD b:), then put .hxc file on b:\# drive. Be sure to perform a binary file transfer.

5) Confirm .hxc file of b: drive is the correct size

6) Then telnet to the IP address of MR9600 controller (or use serial config port next to LAN connection), login as supervisor and switch to the b: drive. Then issue the command "update rel254.hxc". type the letter y to confirm the update conditions - do not abort file check.