How to switch from the RS232 to the V.35 interface.

V.35 Shunt Procedure:
If you are using an external DCE device on the WAN RS232/V.35 port, and the connection will be a V.35 connection, the internal shunt must be moved from the RS232C (default) position prior to cabling and power-up. The following steps detail the procedures for switching the shunt.
1. Ensure that the external power supply is disconnected from the Firewall.
2. Turn the Firewall over and remove the cabinet mounting screw from the chassis.
3. While supporting the back panel, turn the Firewall right side up, tilt the back panel down, and slide the circuit board assembly out of the chassis.
4. Place the circuit board assembly on a flat, grounded surface.
5. Carefully remove the shunt from the RS232 position, and insert it in the V.35 position.
6. Align the board with the guide slots on the inside of the chassis and carefully slide the board back into the chassis.
7. While supporting the back panel, turn the Firewall over again, and replace the cabinet mounting screw.
8. Turn the Firewall right side up again and proceed to the next section to connect the cables.
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