How to setup netopia to work with the RF550VPN.

You need to have vs 4.10 or above in the netopia in order for this to work.
Change Connection Profile
Profile Name: IPsec Secure Connection
Profile Enabled: Yes

Encapsulation Type... IPsec
Encapsulation Options...

IP Profile Parameters...

Interface Group... Any Port

IPsec Tunnel Options
Key Management... IKE
IKE Phase 1 Profile... Multi-TEch

Encapsulation... ESP

ESP Encryption Transform... 3DES
ESP Authentication Transform... HMAC-MD5-96

Advanced IPsec Options...
Advanced IPsec Options
SA Lifetime seconds: 28800
SA Lifetime Kbytes: 0

Perfect Forward Secrecy: Yes

Dead Peer Detection: No

IP Profile Parameters
Remote Tunnel Endpoint:
Remote Member Format... Subnet
Remote Member Address:
Remote Member Mask:
Local Member Format... Subnet
Local Member Address:
Local Member Mask:

Address Translation Enabled: No
Filter Set...<<None>>
Remove Filter Set
NetBIOS Proxy Enabled No
Advanced IP Profile Options...
Advanced IP Profile Options
Local Tunnel Endpoint Address:
Next Hop Gateway:

Idle Timeout (seconds): 300

Change IKE Phase 1 Profile
Profile Name: Multi-TEch

Mode... Main Mode

Authentication Method... Shared Secret
Shared Secret: ********************
Encryption Algorithm... 3des
Hash Algorithm... md5
Diffie-Hellman Group... Group 2 (1024 bits)

Advanced IKE Phase 1 Options...


Advanced IKE Phase 1 Options
Negotiation... Normal

SA Use Policy... Newest SAs Immediately
Allow Dangling Phase 2 SAs: No
Phase 1 SA Lifetime (seconds): 28800
Phase 1 SA Lifetime (Kbytes): 0

Send Initial Contact Message: No
Include Vendor ID Payload: No
Independent Phase 2 Re-keys: No
Strick Port Policy: No