How to setup callback using IAS and CC4000.

Please follow these steps:

1. Open Computer Management from Adminstrative Tools

- Select LocalUsers and groups.

- Select the user and edit the user properties as follows:

- Select the Dial-in tab

- Select Allow access in Remote Access Permission

- Select SetbyCaller option in Callback Options

- Click OK/Apply

2. Open Internet Authentication Service (RADIUS) from Adminstrative Tools

- Select Remote Access Policies - note: If a policy is not existing then add a new one as follows:

- Rightclick on remote access policies and select New Policy

- Now enter policy name (click next)

- Add conditions (daytime restrictions as needed (click next)

3. Select grant remote access permission (click next)

4. Click Edit profile

- Select the advanced tab

- Click Add attributes

- Select Ascend-CallBack and click Add - note: This shows up in the Attribute information dialog

- Click Add and select Callback-Yes in the Attribute value combo-box

- Click OK

- Click Finish