How to setup SSH IPsec client:

1) Install the client software by running the downloaded EXE
2) Select Host IP Address when it prompts for Identiy information during the install, make sure the IP address is a public IP address on the client PC.
3) Select default for everything else during the install.
4) After install is done, it will prompt to restart the PC, go ahead and restart.
5) Right click on the SSH icon down in the task bar and select Run Policy Editor
6) Click on the Key Management tab, double click on Add under the primary host key option.
7) Select Create a new preshared key.
8) Enter name, and the shared secret (this must be the same as setup on the RF650VPN gateway).
9) Click on Security Policy tab and double click on VPN Connections.
10) Click on Add button.
11) Enter Gateway Host Name or IP, this is the public IP assigned to the Wan ethernet on the RF650VPN.
12) Select the authentication key that you setup above.
13) Enter Intra IP address and mask, this is the private LAN assigned to the LAN ethernet port on the RF650VPN.
14) Click OK with start the diagnostics and this will fail.
15) Highlight the VPN connection you just created and click on Properties.
16) Change Encryption to 3DES.
17) Click on Advanced tab and UNCHECK PMTU and Audit this rule, the only thing should be checked is PFS (make sure you set PFS in the RF650VPN gateway also).
18) Click OK and click on Diagnostics again, this should give you a successful connection to the RF650VPN gateway, now you can ping any of the private IP addresses on the private LAN of the RF650VPN. If your Diagnostics fails, you should double check all the setting on both the client and the gateway. You can also try disable and enable IPSec VPN on the gateway.