How to configure IAS for dialout users that are using WinMCSI or Telnet dialout:

By having two Remote Access Policies, we can have both Dial-In and Dial-Out users. Here are the steps :

1. Open StartMenu>Programs>Administrative Tools>Internet Authentication Service.

2. Right click on "Remote Access Policies" and select "New Policy".

3. Give a Policy Name.

4. In the next window, click on the Add button.
a. In the Attributes list, select "Day and Night Restrictions" and click on Add. Give Time access as suitable.
b. Next select "Service-Type" and click on Add. Select "Outbound" and click Add.

5. Click on Next.

6. Enable "Grant Remote Access Permission".

7. Click on Next.

8. Select "Edit Profile".

9. In the next window, select "Advanced" tab page.

10. Edit the Service-Type attribute and change it to "Outbound".

11. In the Authentication tab page, enable PAP and CHAP.

Similarly, add another "Remote Access Policy". Follow the steps from 1 to 11 except the 4b and 10th step.

Stop and Start the IAS Service. Add some users in the "Users and Groups".

This should allow both Dial-In and Dial-Out Connections.