How to capture CallFinder / FaxFinder Call Logs using Hyperterminal.

- Open Hyperterminal, enter a name and click OK.
- Connect using TCP/IP (Winsock).
- Enter the IP address of the FaxFinder or CallFinder in the Host Address and click OK.
- Type admin for both User Name and Password.

1 In Hyperterminal, select Transfer ->Capture Text.
- Type a name for the capture file and choose where you want to save it. Click Start.
- Type the following commands from the # prompt and press<Enter>after each.

2 Type PS to show processes currently running.
3 Type kill 45 to kill mefax, which is ID 45.
4 Type pwd to show working directory, which is /var/usr.
5 Type cd /var to change directory to /var.
6 Type ls to list directory.
7 Type cd fax_space
8 Type mefax -d to set it to debug mode so it will report everything to Hyperterminal.
9 Let capture run for 30-60 seconds.
10 Go to Transfer ->Capture Text in Hyperterminal and select Stop.
11 Power-cycle the FaxFinder/CallFinder to exit debug mode.