How to Configure Inbound Archive

Inbound Archiving

Inbound Archiving will save a copy of all Inbound faxes on a share. It will automatically create folders for each user the receives a fax. 
This will allow the FaxFinder Client to be able to open Received faxes in the Client by clicking on the View Fax icon in the Received Tab.
Inbound Archive is recommended along with other delivery options to have backup copies of faxes in case the other delivery option(s) fail.

To enable Inbound Archiving you must first have a share connected in your System Configuration | Shares menu. Please see the "Adding a Network Share (Optional)" section in the Administrator Guide for more details.

FaxFinder Fax Server FF240, FF440, FF840 Administrator Guide:

FaxFinder FF240-IP Administrator Guide:

Once a share is connected on the FaxFinder, go to the Inbound menu in Fax Configuration.

Under Inbound Options check the "Enable Archive" option.

Next click the "Browse" option next to the "Archive Directory" path, expand the folder on the share you wish to archive to and select the folder you wish to archive in.
It is recommended to have a separate folder on the share for the Inbound Archived faxes.

Once the share folder has been selected you should see the "Archive Directory" updated with the select share and folder.

Click "Save" to store the changes and Inbound Faxes should now be archived to this folder on the share.