How many concurrent calls can I have on each analog MVPx10-AV model and which IP phones support IP survivability?

When in IP survivability mode and the IP phones registered to the -AV gatekeeper, the following number of calls are supported. Below that are the IP phones that have been certified.

MVP210-AV ---------- 5 Concurrent call license
MVP410-AV ---------- 10 Concurrent call license
MVP810-AV ---------- 15 Concurrent call license


The IP phones must get their IP address from a DHCP server.

The concurrent call license information is based on the idea of having 2 IP phones registered for each available VOIP trunk port. The MVPx10-AV models will support up to 15 IP phones, which is a hard limit insisted upon by Avaya.

You can have more than 15 IP phones entered as endpoints in the VOIP gatekeeper, but only 15 will get registered on a first come, first served basis. Additional registrations will be rejected.