How do we go about forwarding POP3 and SMTP ports on the RouteFinder to point at the Novell box?

We currently are using GroupWise 5.5 (bundled with that release of Novell) to handle email. When we had a dial up connection, we were having all the email for the domain forwarded to a POP3 account, which GroupWise was then breaking apart into the individual mailboxes. We are trying to set it up with the ISP that the MX record for the domain points to the static IP address, so that email can be received directly by the Novell server, without having to go through the POP3 account.

All you should have to do is open ports (UDP/TCP) for inbound traffic using the IP Mapping option. This starts out as a check box in the lower left of the General Settings screen. You will have to contact the software vendors or creators for the port numbers. Point the Mail server at the static public IP address and place the proper mapping in the router.