How do I set up the Cisco router 3620&1750 to work with the MultiVOIP?

Note: Change the Dial-peer VOIP voice coder to the same type of voice coder you have set on the Multi VOIP. Also, the Cisco Router 1750 only support G711@alaw,G711@ulaw,G729r8. Make sure to set the Cisco 1750 to g729r8.
Cisco Router:
Router # configure terminal
Router (config) # dial-peer voice x pots (The X is any number from 1-2 depends on how many voice ports they have on the Cisco VIC-cards.)
Router (config-dial-peer) # destination-pattern xxx(The xxx are the phone numbers for their Cisco Voice port.).
Router (config-dial-peer) # port 1/0/0 (Specify which voice port has the phone number assigned above).
Router (config) # dial-peer voice x voip (The X is any number from 1-1000)
Router (config-dial-peer) # destination-pattern xxx(The xxx are the phone number that you want to call or Multi VOIP phone number).
Router (config-dial-peer) # session target are the Destination ip address the MutiVOIP ).
Router(config-dial-peer)#codec g729ar8(Right here if you type in codec ? This will list out the available voice coder that this router is supporting.)
Router (config-dial-peer) # exit
Router (config) # exit
Router # show run (This command will allowing you to look at the phone book and make sure it is corrected).

Multi VOIP:
1. Change the voice coder to the same voice coder that you have set on the Cisco Router.
2. Uncheck DTMF Out of band.
3. Uncheck Fast start option in phone book. Assigned a unique phone number for each of the Multi VOIP voice ports.
4. The Multi VOIP needs to be set as the Master/Host, option is in the phone book.
5. Finally, assign one entry for the Cisco. The entry should contain the phone number that was assigned on the POTS port of the Cisco and the IP address of the Cisco Router.