How do I set up Microsoft's Internet Authentication Service (IAS) for use with my MultiAccess communication server?

Windows 2000 and 2003 servers have a service called "IAS" which is a RADIUS server. The RADIUS protocol implements a Client/Server relationship. The MultiAccess (be it the MA30120, MA100, MA220, MA420, or MA820), is a RADIUS client. The MultiAccess RADIUS client is configured the same way regardless of the vender of RADIUS server or the OS the server is installed in.

The RADIUS client must be informed of the location (IP address or resolvable name) of the RADIUS server. The RADIUS server must be informed of the RADIUS client(s) it is to serve and both must be configured with the same shared secret password.

Internet Authentication Service settings pertinent to the MultiAccess RADIUS client:

IAS Policy Properties
Condition to match = Service Type Framed
Grant Access if Condition Matches

Profile Settings:
Framed Service value = PPP
Service Type value = Framed
IP = Server Settings Define Policy

IAS Clients Properties
Client-Vendor = Standard RADIUS
Signature Attribute not sent