How do I set the CC2400 to the factory default settings? Are there any commands or a Phycial button to accomplish this?

There are two processors within the CC2400. There is no way to put the MR9600 back to factory settings.

The RAS Card can be put back to factory settings. If this must really be done, perform the following steps:

Read&understand all steps before proceeding.

- Attach a keyboard and monitor to back of RAScard
- Use F2 key and shutdown RASExpress server, which brings you to a DOS prompt (do not power off RAScard).
- Perform the next steps within 3 minutes or the rascard will restart
- At the C:\RAS550 prompt rename the file config.rn
- Then type "rascon". Our legacy configuration utility will run
- Select Communication Setup
- Select "Intelligent Serial Interface (ISI)" setup
- Use the arrow key and high light the one card shown (address 200 etc)
- Press the delete key (to delete this card/setting/address 200)
- Now no cards will be listed
- Press the escape key - then press the Y key to say Yes to save changes
- Continue to press the escape key until back at DOS prompt
- Now restart the rascard with Cntrl-Alt-Del

The RASCard will autodect the ISI cards (PRI card and HD16 cards) and will reboot a couple of times. When it stops it will be at the factory default parameters.