How do I send Super G3 faxes (V.34) with Phonetools software?

In order to send and receive V.34 faxes, both (sending and receiving) Hardware devices and the software used, must support V.34 Faxing. This is an automatic process in which the modems or fax machine will negotiate the best possible connection for the fax send and receive without errors. You can use the PhoneTools program included with your modem to send and receive faxes directly from your computer. The following procedure uses print capture, which enables you to fax a document directly from the Windows application in which you created it without opening PhoneTools.

1. Install PhoneTools if it is not already installed.
2. Create a document in a Windows application, such as a word processor, graphic editor, or spreadsheet.

To fax the document, keep the document open and select the Print command from the File menu.
3. Select CAPTURE FAX BVRP as the printer driver, and then click OK. The Send Fax wizard appears.
4. In the Recipient section, type the required information or extract it from the Phone Book by clicking .
5. In the Template section, optionally select a cover page and type a cover message.
6. Select the document to be sent. The default file when sending from within a Windows application is Capture.dgr.
7. Select the date and time to send the document, if you do not want to send it immediately.
8. Click Finish to start the transmission.