How do I originate a TCP socket connection to a server on the Internet?

AT#TCPSERV="x.x.x.x" (x.x.x.x = the IP address of the server/remote end)
AT#TCPPORT=n (n = the destination port )

After a GPRS connection has been established using the‘AT#CONNECTIONSTART’ command, use the command ‘AT#OTCP’ to originate a TCP socket session to the server/remote end. To stop the connection you must use an ETX character, ‘<ctrl C>’. If this ETX character is in the data, it will cause the IP stack to disconnect the socket connection. To keep this from happening you must preceed your ETX character with DLE characters. You can also set the #DLEMODE command to ignore the ETX character (look in IP Command Guide for the #DLEMODEcommand). If the ETX character is ignored, then the session will have to be disconnected another way.