How do I manually configure the MCC/MNC codes?

At this point in time for the Telit-based radios, the only solution is to use the command AT+COPS=3,2 to set the MCC/MNC. The host system should be configured with a PLMN to MCC/MNC code translation table. The device, application, or processor controlling the modem/radio would perform the configuration by using the user-generated table that translates a PLMN (for example, Verizon Wireless as shown below) to a MCC/MNC and then takes those values and configures the radio using the AT+COPS=3,2 command.For example, to get the network information that the device is currently on, give the following command to the radio:AT+COPS?+COPS: 0,0,Verizon Wireless,7OKThe AT+COPS command is also used to set up the network selection mode of the device. For example, to setup the device for automatic network selection, give the following command to the radio:AT+COPS=0OKTo set up the device for a specific network, the MNC (Mobile Network Code) and the MCC (Mobile Country Code) needs to be specified. For example, Verizon Wireless’s MCC is 310 and its MNC is 004. To select that network, the following command would be given to the radio:AT+COPS=3,2,310 004OK