How do I find out the IP address of my Voip?

To find the IP of the voip, you can do this thru the menu (like telnet), by logging in to the voip (see instructions below).

1) Have unit powered off
2) Connect command cable RJ45 to unit and DB9 to windows computer
serial com port.
3) Bring up terminal software (Ex. HyperTerminal )
4) Set terminal program for direct to com port (Com 1,2 or your port #)
5) Set terminal com port settings for 19200, 8,1,N and hardware flow control
6) Power up the unit, and it should display info while it boots up (2-3
mins.) - wait for boot light to go off
7) Type login
8) press enter
Go thru the menu for voip config, the protocols, IP config and then Ethernet.