How do I establish a PPP connection with this device?

- Log in to the webadmin interface with your web browser.
- Click on "PPP".
- Under "PPP General", click on "Enable" next to "PPP".
- Under "Authentication", where it says "Authentication Type", click on "PAP".
- Next to "Username" and "Password", type in the username and password provided by the provider". If no username and password is required, keep the defaults of "ipmodule" in both locations.
- Under "Modem Configuration" for the "Dial Number", type in "#777" if using a CDMA model, and "*99***1#" if using a GSM model.
- In "Init String 1:", for the GSM models, type in "AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","<APN>".
- Click on "SUBMIT", then click on "Save&Restart".